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About us

As the only organisation of our kind in Australia, we aim to represent tutoring organisations and educational tutors all across the country.

Officially launched on 7th March 2005, the ATA has been formed in recognition of the need to unify the tutoring industry nationally.

The ATA has members from around Australia. It aims to represent tutors and tutoring organisations, act as a lobby group and raise the standard of tutoring in Australia.

To ensure clients are provided with the best possible service by ethical tutoring organisations and practitioners.

Our mission

All of our members share this vision. They are all committed to helping students. As ethical practitioners they agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. You are invited to read this Code. 

Widespread application of this Code will help protect clients and ensure that they are receiving a high standard of service and accountability. The ATA has had a very successful first year of operating and has grown rapidly. 

We celebrated the end of the first year of bringing together, lobbying for and setting ethical standards in the tutoring sector by launching our first newsletter Within Tuition.

On the 5th December, 2006, the Australian Tutoring Association held its second Annual General Meeting in Croydon, NSW. At this meeting the first Committee of the ATA was elected. In 2008 the Association became Company Limited by Guarantee following a vote by members.

Mohan Dhall

CEO & Public Officer Parramatta, NSW Academic Leader, M2K Education and Advisory

Mohan Dhall co-founded both the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) and also the Global Tutoring Association (GTA). Mohan has taught in high schools, trains undergraduate and postgraduate teachers at university, ran an educational publishing company and is CEO of the ATA. He also writes books on Education and Teaching, Management and Leadership and school texts on Legal Studies, Business Studies, Economics and Commerce.

Storm McGrath

Chairman and Board Member

Kip McGrath Education Centres – Newcastle, NSW. Storm McGrath is the CEO of Kip McGrath Education Centres Limited. He oversees the operations of Kip McGrath and its subsidiaries both nationally and internationally. Currently there are over 550 franchisees globally and 50,000 students being taught weekly. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the group and the integration of technology and systems in the company.

Nam Hong Nguyen

Board Member

Nam has been both an educator and a business builder. Nam co-founded NQT Education, a leading test preparation tutoring company in business for over 22 years. In Vietnam, Nam has held senior positions at Apollo English as General Director for South Vietnam and Acting Group CEO from 2015 to 2019. Currently, Nam is General Director of YOLA, Vietnam’s leading test preparation school for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and Cambridge certifications. Nam holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education Studies from Monash University, Australia.

Colin Turner

Board Member

Colin brings to the ATA experience in schools in Australia and overseas as a qualified teacher and experienced Principal as well as a successful tutor. He is now the Director of ‘Topscore Education’ based in Melbourne and is also a senior consultant to ‘Ai English’ which currently delivers well over 1200 English lessons per week to school and tutoring centre students in China and Japan. Colin teaches English and Literature and has been awarded a life-time achievement award for Music Education in Victoria. In 2019, he was the first Australian to present to the annual Asian Edutech Summit in Tokyo, Japan. Colin still teaches groups of senior secondary students at ‘Topscore Education’ in Melbourne and online. Colin is particularly interested in the relationship between students’ learning at school and enrichment with professional tutors.