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Confidence 121

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Confidence 121

St Leonards, NSW 2065
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Hi - I'm Catherine, an international tutor. I specialise in helping students who struggle with maths, lack confidence, have Maths anxiety and/or Dyscalculia. Rather than using worksheets, I quickly identify the areas of maths your child is struggling with and use physical and virtual equipment to help them develop, understand and consolidate the foundations of maths. From the very first session, your child will start building their confidence.

Tutoring is a partnership. I believe that it is vital that a student is involved in making decisions about their learning. Upon meeting a new student, I will always ask them to explain why they feel they need a tutor, what they think a tutor can do for them and what in particular they would like to improve upon. Giving a student ownership of their learning and being able to reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses, enables them to develop a positive attitude towards their sessions and to understand that they have many abilities.

Throughout my tutoring sessions, I use a range of methods to enable the student to understand the concept being taught. For younger children, this is often through practical equipment and visual diagrams and using simple board games to practise their key facts. For older students, drawing up previous knowledge and working methods, helps students to make connections with other areas of their studies. Older students frequently find algebra challenging and too abstract. By using algebra tiles, I help my students to build images in their heads so that they can visualise the abstractness. By exposing students to a range of different strategies and developing core understanding, students are able to approach new concepts with confidence.

One of the main aims of my sessions is to help students gain confidence and self belief. I always spend some time reflecting with my students how far they have come. All too often, students focus on what they cannot do, not what they can do now. By taking time to identify aspects of their learning that they are now confident in, helps my students with their motivation and resilience and continue to try when they find their work challenging.

If you feel my style of tutoring would help your child, please do contact me. I offer both face to face and online tuition.
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