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Naturally Learning

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Dyslexia, English, Mathematics, Numeracy. +2 more View less.


Online Tutoring

Fun, focused online tuition 30 minutes per week with engaging follow up, learning activities to make and do at home. Private and small group sessions available.
Explicit, multi-sensory approaches with structured programming and immediate feedback. Every lesson includes reflection, revision and practise. Student centred learning.

Spacious Outdoor Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring in spelling, reading, writing and math. A balance of multi-sensory approaches and explicit teaching. Student learning goals are identified through friendly diagnostic assessment. A learning plan guides student learning. Students are given ample opportunity to practise with immediate feedback from an experienced teacher. Once the student feels that skills or knowledge have been achieved, learning goals are reviewed and achievement is celebrated. Students feel empowered and enjoy the learning process.

Tutoring and Home Education Support. Multi-sensory approaches, nature engagement and movement to make learning fun. Math and English tutoring available. All ages.
Sensational Nature Programs provide the environmental framework for meaningful play in natural settings.
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