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Red OWL Dyslexia

Bronze Qualification

Red OWL Dyslexia

Woodcroft, SA 5162
Dyslexia, Primary Literacy and English


My name is Vikki Thornton and I am a Specialist Literacy Tutor at Red OWL Dyslexia.

Red OWL Dyslexia is an Adelaide Tutoring Service directed to Primary through to Secondary aged students up to and including Year 9.
We do welcome older students and are accommodating with their commitments to their studies at High School in their senior years.

Vikki has 25 years' experience in Finance, Training and Development, and Administration across all industries including manufacturing, service, wholesale and retail. Early in Vikki's career, she trained students and staff in computer operation.

"I noticed that literacy in the workplace continues to be a real concern. I volunteered in Kindergarten and Junior Primary Schools to see the struggles students had with literacy and the need for one-to-one tuition."

Further, Vikki is a graduate of all three levels of Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD), and the Word Cracker training using the Playberry Dyslexia Solutions - Multi Sensory Literacy Program. Vikki has also completed the Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham Training.

Their teaching methods are both scientifically and evidence based.

Teach all students as you would teach a dyslexic, and you will teach everyone better.

It’s not that I can’t learn… I just need to learn in a very specific way!

My goal is to help students manage their Dyslexia, and improve their reading, writing and spelling to the best of their abilities.
For more information I invite you to my website and Facebook Page.

Website: FaceBook @RedOWLdyslexia
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