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Right Side Learning

Bronze Qualification

Right Side Learning

Charmhaven, NSW 2263
Dyslexia, Primary Literacy and English


Right Side Learning is a one to one tutoring service for students with learning difficulties. We provide evidence based education through Multisensory Structured Language Education. Multisensory Structured Language Education also known as MSLE is the recommended teaching for students with dyslexia as provided by the Australian Dyslexia Association. I am very passionate about supporting children with learning difficulties as both my husband and 10 year old daughter are both dyslexic and I understand how important it is to support children both in their educational needs as well as building and maintaining self confidence and self worth. My lessons are individualised for each students specific learning needs through regular phonological and phonemic assessments and progress monitoring and my experience in working as a Student learning Support Officer in Mainstream Public Schools has given me knowledge and understanding on school curriculum and stage expectations. I strongly believe in the quote by Ignacio Estrada, If a child can't earn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. Right Side Learning strives to provide an educational experience, as a qualified MSLE practitioner, to students with learning difficulties to help support with areas of weakness but more importantly to show these children their amazing strengths.
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