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Sera J Rauhut

Pending Qualification

Sera J Rauhut

Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Mathematics, Physics, Study Skills / Exam Preparation. +1 more View less.


Sera received her Bachelor of Science (Physics) with First Class Honours in Ultra-Cold Quantum Physics from Swinburne University in 2019 and has gone on to pursue a PhD in Modified Gravity Cosmology at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne University. Over the past 4 years Sera has accrued her teaching and tutoring experience through a combination of Public outreach, private teaching and tutoring at all levels, with a primary focus on Year 10-12 Mathematics and Physics, as well as, tuition for undergraduate Calculus and Linear Algebra. In her spare time Sera is also in the final stages of a double Bachelor in Archaeology and Applied Mathematics.


- Highly adaptive Online Tutor
- Patient, persistent and encouraging
- Highly reliable, communicative and consistent
- Strong focus on Year 12 Exam Preparation and study techniques (from as early as late Year 10)
- Offer ongoing mentorship beyond the topic.
- Ongoing review to ensure tutoring approach and methodology are personalised to each student's unique strengths and needs.


- K-10: General and Advanced Mathematics, General Science
- Year 11/12: General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics.


Maths is a subject inherently fraught with fear and anxiety based failure. Most students who struggle with math incorrectly believe that it is a reflection of their ability. The truth is that success in Math requires students to normalise mistakes. Sera creates space to reframe failures as teaching moments. Correcting one's own mistakes is invaluable to developing a deeper and long lasting understanding in mathematics.

When it comes to any difficult subject, Sera has noticed that students are strongly influenced and discouraged by personal and social experiences around the subject, leading to various self limiting beliefs. Sera works to build confidence around the subject using the Socratic Method and attempts to spark interest through surprise tasks and concepts, to instil a sense of pride and achievement through small surmountable successes. This helps to increase enthusiasm for the subject and learning in general.

It can often be hard for students to see value in their educational pursuits. Like motivation, this sense of value ebbs and flows with time. Sera tries to help students to draw long term value from their immediate learning experiences and help them to connect their strengths to their personal passions and interests, by encouraging a vision of their ultimate big picture, in order to get them excited for the future.

Meet Sera:

Success in tutoring starts with a strong connection. Contact Sera for an obligation free video meet-and-greet to discuss your child's individual challenges, goals and general tutoring expectations and ask any pressing questions you may have before committing.
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