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Tamim’s ThinkLab

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Tamim’s ThinkLab

Bardia, NSW 2565
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I’m Tamim, a passionate educator who combines the magic of coding with the power of math to help your child thrive. I used to compete in coding tournaments (imagine coding Olympics!), but my thirst for knowledge led me beyond the screen. I am offering personalized coaching for curious minds who love a challenge.

For years, I’ve honed my skills, not just as a computer programmer, but as a passionate educator. I’ve worked with the prestigious Bangladesh Math Olympiad, helping train the country’s brightest minds.

But I believe in learning beyond textbooks. I’m a regular speaker at international conferences like Python Education Summit (Singapore) and share my knowledge on my popular YouTube channel, followed by over 90,000 curious minds! I’ve even authored 16 engaging books on coding and math (in Bangla).

That’s why I created Tamim’s ThinkLab: a nurturing environment where your child can explore their potential through interactive math and coding courses. Forget passive lectures! We’ll solve puzzles, build exciting projects, and celebrate each child’s achievements. The goal is to equip your child with strong foundational skills for life, not just test scores.
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