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Virtutis Education

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Virtutis Education

Cannon Hill, QLD 4170
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Virtutis Education is run by a current Queensland Head of Department Brenden McDonough

Specialising in Design and Technology, Vocational Industrial Technology and Design and Mathematics, Brenden has 15+ years of teaching experience, teaching in rural New South Wales (2 years), inner city London, UK (3 years, acting Head of Department for 2 of these years) and Queensland (10 Years, Head of Department 5 of these years).

Guiding several students through the Technology Studies subject in previous years to achieve VHA10 level outcomes in a low socio-economic area, Brenden takes pride in holding students to high standards and expectations and motivates them to achieve their full potential. This resulted in having a year sample of student folders being selected for state comparability during a regional panel verification session. In the new Design syllabus, Brenden is currently on track to achieve similar results with his current students in the same low socioeconomic area.

A Head of Department teaching load is minimal. This was the motivation for Brenden to start this business. He always believed the biggest impact he had on any school was the time he spent in front of the kids, delivery high quality lessons. More than content, Brenden teaches students how to learn, not just what to learn. If students understand how to learn, the content comes easy.

Specialising in Design personally, Brenden offers a rare speciality as a Design Tutor. With a secondary area of Mathematics, he brings a new approach to teaching and learning in this core area.

Virtutis Education is expanding with several tiered options for all subject areas. We have pricing for tutors of a variety of different experience levels.

Tier 1 Head of Department Tutor
Tier 2 Qualified and Registered Teacher Tutor
Tier 3 Industry Professional, Subject Specific, Non-Teaching Tutor
Tier 4 Teacher Aide Tutor
Tier 5 University Student Tutor

We vet all our employees for suitability and child protection. Virtutis Education only provides the highest quality tutors through a stringent hiring process. We ensure that all of our employees have the same goal – which is to provide students with the necessary skills to become better learners and achieve success.

No matter what your subject area is, we can find a tutor for you. Please email any enquiries about any subject areas to [email protected]
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