Renew your membership with the Australian Tutoring Association

Membership with the ATA carries a certain responsibility. The letters ‘MATA’ indicate that a tutor or tutoring organisation is a member of the ATA. Members can use the ATA logo in advertising to promote the fact that they are members and uphold the high aspirations of the Association.

Membership means strict adherence to the ATA Code of Conduct. The Code serves both as a guide to members, as well as protecting them. Upholding the Code of Conduct should ensure that there is consistency and predictability for the practitioners and their clients.

To renew your membership, ensure you use the same email address as when you first signed up (you can find this on your original Membership receipt!). If you can’t remember which email you used, please get in touch with us.

Membership Requirements & Inclusions

ATA membership includes access to free accreditation , discounted insurance, and discounted web design.  Once members have completed the accreditation process, only then will discounted insurance be available.

This is because accreditation represents less risk  from an insurance perspective, and thus attracts a discount. From an industry perspective, the ATA is proud to encourage accreditation to benchmark best-practice in Australia. Accredited ATA members represent the highest standards of tutoring in the nation, and arguably globally.