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Join the NSW government’s COVID intensive learning support program.

Refund policy

All member payments are non-refundable subject to the exception below:

(a) If a member seeks to cancel their membership then a refund will be given equal to the unused portion of the membership (determined on an annual pro rata basis) less an administration fee of $50 subject to (b) and/or (c) below.

(b) If a member takes out AON discounted insurance and then opts to cancel their membership while benefitting from the discounted insurance, no refund will be given.

(c) If membership is cancelled for any reason whatsoever by the ATA including for breaches of the Code of Conduct, impropriety, bringing the ATA and/or its members into disrepute then no refund will be given.

Note that in the event of a lapse or cancellation of membership the ATA reserves the right to notify any business alliances of the lapse or cancellation so that lapsed or cancelled members cannot continue to take advantage of the benefits offered by such alliances and reserved solely for ATA members.